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Extraordnary People From Around the World

Teaching Kids English With Storybooks

Cotton-top Tamarin Publications and Writing

The Garden as Teacher

Terwilliger Nature Walks With Kids

How to Win the Weed Battle Forever

Why I Say Charter Does Not Honor Its Contracts







In this unique website, you will find an assortment of topics and themes which have in common only my interest in them, and my desire to share related writing, data, links, and so on with others.

For ESL or EFL learners, or for anybody who wants to read inspiring stories, I have written and presented here: Extraordinary People From Around the World , a reader with discussion questions for advanced English learners. There is also an ESL or EFL paper that I published in an online journal (Internet TESL Journal) on teaching kids to think in English using storybooks.

Some contributions come out of my 20-plus years as a professional landscaper/gardener. these include The Garden As Teacher, about what kids learn from gardening; and How to Win the Weed Battle Forever, a comprehensive guide to weed control in any garden.

Terwilliger Nature Walks With Kids comes from my 5 years of volunteering with Wildcare, taking kids on nature walks and exploring with them the fascinating things we found.

You can access my PhD thesis here and other publications of mine on the Cotton-top Tamarin (Saguinus oedipus). The contents of my thesis were published only in part (though it has always been available through University Microfilms). I want to make it all available because it contains a lot of information which which so far has been practically inaccessible.

This web site is also an excuse to utilize some "computer art" (images above and on Computer Art page), images which otherwise languish unseen in a file somewhere. It's much more fun to see it every time I look at this. Most of it was done in Illustrator and Painter. I hope there eventually there will be Photographic Art too.

A more recent offering, Charter Does Not Honor Its Contracts, is my way of trying to warn others about Charter. Are you thinking of using their services? You should be aware of what you might be getting into.

Please feel free to utilize any of my work for personal use (that is, work not bringing monetary gain), but I retain copyright (publication, use for obtaining revenue) and distribution rights, whether explicitly stated or not.

Updated October 30, 2013